You are welcomed to present a poster at the ESO-Karolinska Stroke Update meeting. 

The topic should be stroke therapy, stroke diagnosis, stroke epidemiology, although also other topics will be considered.
Submit your abstract below and you will within short time receive confirmation if your abstract has been accepted.

When you prepare and present your poster, please note the following:

  1. The poster session will occure during lunch breaks and all participants will be informed
  2. The format of the poster should not exceed 1 m (height ) and 80 cm (width)
  3. Prepare a banner in large type containing a descriptive title, the author(s), and their affiliations. Place this high up on the poster.
  4. Bracket the poster with an introduction at the beginning and your conclusions at the end.
  5. Make the flow of information in a poster explicit. Flow should be in columns running down the poster, not in rows running across it.
  6. The poster should be self-explanatory; the main points should be communicated without you being there to explain them. Do not load the poster down with large amounts of methodological detail or lists of references.
  7. Illustrations should have a prominent headline containing the take-home message in a few words. The text below the illustration should be in smaller type and should provide detailed information, much more than in a typical figure legend. The text should be easy to read from a distance (1-2 meters)
  8. Prepare an oral presentation of no more than five minutes to walk interested parties through your poster
  9. Allow people to peruse your poster for a minute or so before leading them through it
  10. If you have a preprint of an article prepared then make it available to those viewing your poster
  11. Put up your poster before lunch on monday November 17th and do not forget to take it down on tuesday November 18th afternoon


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